I am currently in a research programme at the Royal College of Art. I was Head of the Art Department and Member of the Director’s Committee @ PlayGround since 2015 until 2019. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects and pitches for globally renowned clients, agencies and artists.


︎ Dis/connect
Communication in the Age of Isolation
︎ Metal interview
El Arte de Hackear
︎ Handle with care
Actas BAU Design Forum 2017
︎ On the desk
ADG Laus


The project aimed to be as realistic as possible. We adapted the scripo n





Laia Miret

‘H.A.N.D.’ is the acronym of 'have a nice day', idea that came through the classic NYC groceries plastic bag. It's something present in our life regularly, that is useful and handy, but somehow not relevant. It's just there, semi-transparent, cheap and polluting, with a great message for you to take, or ignore.

It has been published as a self edited zine in London and Barcelona. Some of the pictures are viral on Tumblr (1, 2, 3), and ‘My Banana' has been exhibited at Rox Gallery in New York City.